May 2023

Remember the children’s book Inside Outside Upside Down? Sounds a little like the current state of the economy. With news of banks failing, employment booming, but inflation still on the march, what does it all mean for real estate?

We see four reasons to believe the housing market in Northern Colorado will be resilient this spring and summer, and why buyers and sellers should stay the course:


March 2023

For all the differences between Fort Collins, Greeley, and Boulder, there’s one distinction that’s likely the easiest to define: the cost of housing.

That difference becomes clear with our annual look at real estate prices in the three communities, better known as “The Boulder Benchmark.”

Once again, we compared recent sale prices for similar ranch-style brick homes in each city. The homes were all built in the late 1950s or early 1960s, and all by the same homebuilder. To the right is what we learned.


February 2023

Much like the football game where one team dominates early, only to see the other team turn the tide and take control, 2022 was a year of sharp contrasts in real estate.

Here’s a summary of the significant factors that shaped 2022: