The Real Estate Insider


January 2023

Buyers’ market or sellers’ market?

Yes it is – it just depends on where you are buying or selling.

With national headlines trumpeting terms like “market slowdown” and “housing price correction,” it’s easy to think the buyers are now dictating terms. But the answer to that question is really determined by the conditions in your town, neighborhood, or even a specific house.


December 2022

In a housing market that seems to shift direction like a wind vane, making

predictions about what’s in store in the coming months is a bit like reading the magic 8-ball.

What remains clear is that life events – marriage, children, job changes, etc. – don’t stop, and when trying to make the best possible real estate decision for your future, it’s essential to arm yourself with the latest and most pertinent information about your local housing market.


November 2022

Perhaps you’ve heard of the phenomenon known as “recency bias” – the human impulse to shape opinions or make decisions based on the latest trends and lose sight of (or even forget) what happened in the past.

An everyday example of recency bias? People who pull their money out of the stock market, discouraged by a few bad months of returns, despite the long-term trend of increasing values.