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October 2022

If you missed out on buying a home during the pandemic-inspired rush of 2020-2021, listen up. You hear it? That’s the sound of opportunity returning this fall to the American housing market.

While rising interest rates and limited supply clearly cooled the housing market during the spring and summer, the conditions are slowly shifting in homebuyers’ favor. Here are some signs of why now might be a good time to buy:


September 2022

For the past decade, we’ve read and heard from many economic observers who have declared – for a variety of reasons – that residential real estate in the U.S. was about to slam on the brakes. And while there have been occasional twists and turns (remember the onset of COVID-19?), the housing market has kept chugging down the highway.

Are the current conditions different? Are housing prices going to fall? Should we be worried about a rerun of a 2008-style crash?


August 2022

What a difference a few months makes.

A real estate market that was running in overdrive as recently as this winter and spring has downshifted for the summer, a change brought on by the dual impact of rising interest rates and inflation.

But we shouldn’t mistake a shift for a skid.

Many of the same factors that made Northern Colorado one of the most compelling real estate markets in the country in recent years still apply.