Looking for a Quick and Easy Checklist to help Prepare your Home for sale? 

Preparing Your Home For Showings

You Never Get a Second Chance to Make A First Impression

The “curb appeal” your home offers a prospective buyer is extremely important. Begin with your lawn: keep it neat and trim, and always remove ice and snow from steps and sidewalks during the winter. Your front door is a welcoming sign to prospective buyers - Make sure it is clean and paint if necessary.

The Brighter the Better

Clean windows and open draperies highlight your walls and ceilings. By letting in natural light, you are letting buyers see how bright and cheery your home can be.

Avoid Clutter

Buyers have a hard time looking past clutter. By removing items that you seldom use, you let people see the space your home has to offer. Items such as newspapers and toys should be put away, and stairways should be clean and free of clutter as well.

A Clean Kitchen is a Must

Many buyers judge housekeeping based on the condition of the oven and the stove. Clean the interior and exterior of your dishwasher. Countertops should be clean and free of clutter.

Sparkling Bathrooms Will Help Sell Your Home

All tile, grouting and linoleum should be clean and free of soap scum. Fixtures should be free of water marks and polished. If there is a window in your bathroom, open it to allow a fresh breeze.

Make Closets Appear Larger

By removing items that can be packed or stored elsewhere, closets appear neat and organized, making them seem larger and more enticing to buyers.

Don't Overlook Your Utility Space

The attic, basement, garage, and other utility spaces should be as neat a possible, so remove any unnecessary items. Dull walls are easily brightened with a fresh coat of paint. Damp, musty smells are quickly cured by placing bags of limestone in moist places.

Night Showings

In order to best highlight your property, remember to turn on porch lights and any other outside lights for night showings. Inside, try to have the house well-lit throughout when the hour of appointment nears.